Glasgow International

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the opening weekend of this year’s Glasgow International.

The highlight of all the work I saw was definitely Bedwyr Williams‘ Echt at Tramway. We got there on Friday night for the opening and the gallery was absolutely packed, which made the contrast with the installation even starker. The actual video was completely entrancing and we even went back the next day to see it again.

A shot of me walking towards the light at Echt

A shot of me walking towards the light at Echt

The other highlights for me were La chose en cadrée at SWG3, a fantastic and varied exhibition that was well worth the walk; and Gabriel Kuri’s All Probability Resolves into Form at the Common Guild – got totally lost trying to find it but the work was fantastic, with the stunning view from the top floor just an added bonus.

The only works I saw that didn’t do it for me were Michael Stumpf at Glasgow School of Art – not really to my taste, and I felt the way the work was presented was somehow lacking – and Simon Martin’s Untitled at the Kelvingrove, which seemed to be examining an interesting dialogue but again didn’t really hit the spot in the way it was presented. Luckily the Kelvingrove is opposite Brew Dog so we took the opportunity to have a quick pint!

Drinks at Brew Dog

Drinks at Brew Dog

All in all it was a fantastic experience and I hope I’ll be able to return next time!

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